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June 2017

Couldn’t believe half of 2017 just ended. June was kind of busy (and boring) with all the midterms and presentations and papers (#unilife)

June 8th to 11st was Nagoya University Festival (MeiDaiSai). I went to the festival on 10th June. It wasn’t as grand as I expected, a little bit disappointing.


名大祭 Nagoya University Festival 2017


Nagoya University Festival 2017

Tamasen was surprisingly good, but the other food was just okay.


Nagoya University Festival 2017


this tasted awful. 

I went to Sakae with Michael after that. We accidentally discovered this “Tebasaki Summit 2017 手羽先サミット2017” at Hisayaodori 久屋大通, which literally meant chicken wings festival. I kind of like the ambiance there – people eating chicken wings, drinking beers and dancing. Japanese seriously celebrates all sort of things.


Tebasaki Summit 2017

Some random photos:
(1) Went to this cafe called Cafe, Drawing and Bar near where I stayed with Michael. The food was so cheap but good! Will definitely come back again.


cafe, drawing and bar 


cafe, drawing and bar


our dinner set for only 980yen (taste heavenly good!) 

(2) Went to Coco Curry House at Irinaka with Michael after we went to visit the housing agent. Coco Curry House is the only curry place I like in Japan lol


Coco Curry House @ Irinaka, Nagoya

(3) lovin’ my university​ campus.


School of Economics, Nagoya University. 


Outside North Co-op, sunset. (Nagoya University) 

(3) my new apartment view:




obsessed with the sky

Thanks for viewing!

Jiaxin x


MTEX @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I was a huge fan of washitapes back in 2014. I still collect washitapes, just not as many as before. I was so excited when I knew MT was having an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly, it turned out to be not what I expected. I didn’t even buy a roll of tape!

The decoration of the event hall was so gorgeous.


Thanks for viewing. Hope you’ve a great day! xoxo

Love, Jiaxin.

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(2015) Meet Lang Leav

I came across Lang Leav’s poems on Twitter in 2014. I like her writing – simple and nice. I prefer reading her short stories more. I decided to read something out of my comfort zone, so I picked up Lang’s new book, Memories from the bookshop last year. And, I kind of like it! It’s the first book of poetry I read.

Lang Leav came to Malaysia in November last year before I finished reading the book. I was so excited about this and decided to attend. I never been to any book signing event before, it’s my first time! Yan Zhuang went there with me.


Date: 29 Nov 2015 @ Kinokuniya KLCC, Malaysia 

We were a bit late that day. By the time we reached, there was already a long queue! Lang read us some of the poetry from her books. Her voice is so sweet! She’s such a lovely person.







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101 in 1001 updates:

  1. Read a book of poetry (done: 27 Dec 2015)
  2. Meet an author of a book I’ve read (done: 29 Nov 2015)