January 2017


Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan (iPhone 7)


Kishoji, Tokyo, Japan (iPhone 7)


Inokashira Park, Tokyo, Japan (iPhone 7)


Tokyo Sea Life Park (iPhone 7)

I spent the first three days of 2017 in Tokyo with Dawn. We went to Odaiba after Sunday Service on 1st of January, Harajuku and Shibuya on the second day and Tokyo Sea Life Park on the third day. (will blog about the Tokyo trip soon hopefully)


Kariya Highway Oasis, Japan (iPhone 7)


Okazaki, Japan (iPhone 7)

13rd January 2017 – School of Economic Factory Trip. We visited Kewpie Factory and Maruya Hatcho Miso Factory. Also, we went to Okazaki Castle Park (but I did not go in the castle)


Myoken, Nagoya: Dorm Room View (iPhone 7)


Myoken, Nagoya: Dorm Room View (iPhone 7)


Nanzan Univeristy, Nagoya (iPhone 7)

14th January 2017 – First now in Nagoya



Myoken Dorm (iPhone 7) 


27th January 2017 – Lunar New Year Eve. This was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year without my family. Some of my Vietnamese friends organized a Lunar New Year Eve party at the dorm, new year eve was less lonely with them. We played cards until one in the morning when we were supposed to be preparing for our final exams (sorry, #nerdproblem)



Sai Dining, Nagoya University (iPhone 7)


Central Library, Nagoya University (iPhone 7)


January was a stressful month because of all the final exams, papers and presentations. I spent so much time studying in the library and cafeteria. Glad that everything is over now.



Myoken, Nagoya (iPhone 7)



Thanks for reading!


Love, Jiaxin


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