What’s On My iPhone (August 2016)

I owned a 16GB iPhone 5. If you’re having a 16GB iPhone too, you might understand my struggle. I wrote about Minimalism on my blog last week, I decided to declutter my iPhone too, because (1) my iPhone always has insufficient storage (2) I spend way too much time with my phone

I watched this video: ‘Minimalist Phone: A KonMari approved-way to tidy up your phone‘ by Tara White recently. In the video, she organised all her apps into just one single folder, and we can access to the apps through the Search function.

Well, I don’t feel comfortable if I sort all my apps into just one folder. I think my smartphone becomes less smart (maybe I’ll challenge myself doing this in future). Instead, I sorted all my apps into 8 folders – Productivity, Social, References, Media, Language, Utilities, Travel and Apple.

Before decluttering my phone, I owned around 75 applications. I had a lot of tracking, fitness and productivity apps.

This is how my iPhone looked before I sorted them into folders. I’ve two pages of applications, and all my social apps could be easily accessed (reason why I’m always clinging on my phone)


This is how my iPhone looked like after I decluttered and organised into folders. I owned 36 apps right now. (so clean and tidy!)



I turned off notifications for most of the apps. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I unsubscribed to all newsletters, also unfollowed tons of people on social media. This reduce my times spend on social media.

I’ve my Calendar, Photos, Camera and Music on display because these are apps I use everyday.

What’s On My iPhone (August 2016)


  1. Phone
  2. Outlook – I never used Apple’s Mail, don’t like it
  3. Messages
  4. Safari


  1. Clock
  2. Notes
  3. Reminders
  4. Google Calendar
  5. OneNote


  1. Whatsapp
  2. Line – only platform to connect with my Japanese family and friends
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram
  6. Snapchat
  7. Contacts
  8. Facebook
  9. Youtube Studio


  1. BBC News
  2. Pocket – read articles offline
  3. Feedly
  4. Pinterest
  5. Goodreads


  1. Youtube
  2. Spotify
  3. Podcast


  1. Easy Dict (english dictionary)
  2. Google Translate
  3. Dictionary (Japanese dictionary)
  4. Japanese translator – more accurate than Google translate
  5. Memrise


  1. Afterlight – the only photo editing app I owned
  2. Dollarbird – to track my income and expenses
  3. Clue – period tracking apps (quite accurate, my monthly reminder!)
  4. Forest – stay focus
  5. KonMari
  6. Dropbox
  7. TodoMovies – movies suggestion and my to-watch & watched lists
  8. MiFit – my friend bought me a MiBand!
  9. 1010! – the only games I played, doesn’t require wifi
  10. Timehop


  1. Maps
  2. Google Maps
  3. Weather
  4. Rail Map Lite
  5. Swarm
  6. Foursquare
  7. Uber
  8. Waze


  1. just a bunch of Apple build in app which I rarely use.


Below are all the apps I removed (and reasons why I removed)

  1. Skype
  2. SkyScanner
  3. AirBnB
  4. Startbucks MY – can easily access through website
  5. GSC Movies – leaving Malaysia soon
  6. Human – switch to MiFit
  7. SleepBot – switch to MiFit
  8. Run Keeper – great apps! but I don’t run on regular basis
  9. 7 minutes
  10. Water In
  11. Up Coffee
  12. Wunderlist – build in Reminder fits my need
  13. VSCO Cam
  14. Snow
  15. Snapseed
  16. Flipgram
  17. Tumblr
  18. Line Tsum Tsum – I prefer offline games
  19. Blendoku
  20. Dots
  21. Pile
  22. Mathtastistics
  23. Quiz Up
  24. Wallpaper+
  25. Math 42highly recommended to math students! deleted because I don’t need it anymore
  26. Dreamdays
  27. Printic
  28. 8trackts
  29. Pomodoro
  30. IFTTT
  31. Been

(not the complete list) 




Thanks for reading!

Love, Jiaxin


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