I liked to collect things since I was a kid. I kept a lot of random stuff like letters, birthday cards, a post-it notes from a friend, stones, seashells, pretty gift bags etc. I owned a lot of books.

I came across the idea of Minimalism on Pinterest last year, but I never applied it in my life until earlier this year. I was inspired by Marie Kondo (a Japanese organising consultant) method of organising, which also known as KonMari method. It consists of gathering together everything you own, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy”, and choosing a place for everything from then on.

I love the idea of ‘Spark Joy’ – it means keeping only things that bring us joy, and letting go items which doesn’t.

I started my decluttering process by cleaning my closet. I’m moving abroad soon, so it’s also a good opportunity for me to think what I really want to keep and get rid.

Getting rid of my sentimental items was easier after I came across of this ‘Spark Joy’ concept. There’s no point of keeping items which trigger bad memories and don’t bring me joy.

Ever since I started journaling and penpaling in 2014, I bought a lot of stationeries like washitapes, stamps, ink pads (different colours), letter sheets, envelops etc. I realised I’ve way too many stationeries and I didn’t actually use all of it. I gave some of it to my friends/penpals. They’re happy when they received it (all in good condition, almost look like brand new!)

As for my collection of books, I found it really hard to make a decision. Back when I was in junior high school, I read a lot of Chinese literatures. I had quite a lot of books I bought but never read – I donated all these books to my high school library. I kept only books I really like, and got rid of all those books I didn’t enjoy reading.

I started reading English books since 2012. I bought more than 100 books in 3.5 years time. Of course I’ve books which I didn’t enjoy reading, but I still feel like keeping them. I feel so happy everytime I look at my gorgeous and handsome bookshelves. They spark joy!

Besides from physical things, I declutter my digital spaces too. I finally made the effort to unsubscribe all the newsletters, thanks to UNROLL.ME , my job became easier by just one click. I went through my Twitter and Instagram following list, I unfollowed quite a number of users. I don’t like going through my timeline and reading negative thoughts everyday. Also, no point following updates which I never care. I created few lists on Twitter, I can easily go through all the tweets based on topic, and only check it when I feel like.

I feel so guilty everytime when I look at all the things I decluttered, for instance, books I bought but never read, clothes which I only wore once or twice, stationeries I bought but never use… (uh the amount of money I wasted!!)

My spending patterns changed because of minimalism too. I feel bad for wasting money on things I don’t need, so I’ll make sure I won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Now, I wouldn’t go crazy when there’s sale. ‘Everything is free if you don’t buy it.’  Before spending money, I’ll ask myself for a few times – ‘Do you really need this?’. If I can think of a single reason of ‘why I shouldn’t purchase it’, I won’t buy it. I rather save more money, and own better quality products, than buying cheap products which don’t have good quality (try to think of all the cheap labour in India and China) (also, our environment)

I spend less time with my phone after I unfollow/unsubscribe  – I don’t have a lot of updates to catch up! Also, I wouldn’t be affected when I came across posts with negative vibes.


I’ll blog about my progress again, stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Jiaxin

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