March 2016


last minute preparation before going for the interview!

I had my university interview on the first day of March. Surprisingly I wasn’t really nervous the day before the interview. The professor gave compliment on my essays and this actually boosted up my confidence. But it didn’t last long. I started to feel worry after a week. I even started considering and applying for local private university and scholarships (what if they didn’t accept me too? What if I am too late??)



I was on reading slump since February. I’ve so many books to read, but I couldn’t get into any of them! Guess was because I was stressing over university applications. (Hey! Looks at all your friends who already got their offer letters! And you’ve got none!) I doubt myself sometimes (or most of the time). I finally got back into reading in the mid of March. I spent days and nights reading in my bedroom and carried a book with me wherever I went. In March, I finished reading All the Bright Places (by Jennifer Niven), To All the Boys I’ve Love Before (by Jenny Han), PS I Still Love You (by Jenny Han), If I Can Make a Wish (by Jimmy Liao) and Norwegian Woods (by Haruki Murakami) 5 books in a month! Yay!


It’s been 2 months+ since I started my Japanese class. My sister was my desk mate (haha!) My classmates were all friendly and kawaii (cute in Japanese). I forced myself to memorize some N5 vocabularies everyday by using Memrise apps too. But guess I wouldn’t continue to the second level after I completed Level 1, because (a) I don’t think I can finish Level 2 before university starts (b) I prefer self-study. It’s more effective (since I already have some basic knowledge)

My sleeping schedule was so messed up! I tried to sleep earlier but I couldn’t. The only thing I wanted to do during the daytime was to sleep (blaming the hot weather for making me so unproductive!) Even if I managed to fall asleep early, I would still wake up at 3am or 4am and couldn’t sleep again. *help!*

Hmm, that’s all for March, I guess.


Thanks for reading!


Love, Jiaxin


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