February 2016


February ended in the blink of an eye. I was very busy with my universities applications. I went back to college for a few times to find my lecturers for help (recommendation letters), and also to collect & certify my certificates. I’m having an university interview in March, so I spent quite a lot of time preparing for it too *stress*

For Chinese New Year, I went back to Ipoh with my family to celebrate with my maternal side.


Nothing much really happened this month. I went through my journal and photos gallery but couldn’t find any interesting to share here. Nevertheless, my diary entries were very mostly emotional. “Don’t be too hard on yourself”, N told me. But it’s not easy. “Let go and move on”, that’s what everyone said. But how?

Time will heal everything. All I need is time. Right?

Bye February.


Sorry for the short and pointless updates. Thanks for reading.

Love, Jiaxin


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