January 2016


I spent my New Year Eve and New Year at Ipoh for a short trip with my family and host sister, Juri (from Japan). On the first day of 2016, we visited Ipoh Old Street and Kellie’s Castle. The weather was hot and Juri didn’t seem to be interested in these places, so we went for shopping (her fav) (since this trip was for her).


On the second day, we went to Cameron Highland. I went to Cameron for so many times but it was my first time to visit the Lavender Park.


I’ve always wanted to have a pet dog. And DREAMS FINALLY COME TRUE. I adopted a stray dog on 3rd of January. According to an old aunt, this stray dog was only 3 months old. Juri named her Koharu, which literally means ‘little spring’, such a cute name! Koharu was so scared when she first came to our home, but now she’s so naughty. Everyone in the family love her! She is so adorable ❤ (but Koharu, can you stop growing up so fast)


Juri went back to Japan on 8th of January. I thought I wouldn’t cry when she left. But I cried. Hope we can meet again (hopefully this or next year!)


My A-levels result released on 13rd of January. My hard work paid off! I was a bit disappointed because some of my subjects’ score were so close to an A*. Parents were proud of my achievement. Their encouragement never fail to put a smile on my face. I didn’t attend the Graduation Ceremony. Besties told me that I was graduated on the Dean’s List!


Penang was a place which I always wanted to visit. I went to Penang with Yan Zhuang on 21st January. Thanks Yen Wei and Tze Shin for spending two days with us, be our tour guide and also driver. Penang Travelogue: Part 1 and Part 2. (I will blog about this soon!)

Guess that’s all for January. Sorry for the late updates (it’s already April!) I will write about my February and March soon. Thanks for reading!


Love, Jiaxin.


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