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July & August 2017


Nagoya University, JP (iPhone 7)

July and August ended in the blink of an eye. July marked the last month of the spring semester, also the end of first year. Couldn’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I moved to Japan and started university, wow.

I joined an inbound program with students from National University of Singapore (NUS) in the first week of July. We visited some factories and galleries, and did some group discussion together.

 photo IMG_7847_zpsth9ipraa.jpg

Brother’s Gallery, Nagoya, JP (iPhone 7)

I was very busy with my studies after the inbound program (correction: since the inbound program). I had some papers to submit, some presentations and some papers in three weeks time. Not sure how, but I survived July. Before I had my last paper on July 31st, I went to Ise City in Mie with Ariunaa. This trip was sponsored by Meitetsu Japan. It was also my first time visiting Ise too. It’s been a while since I had some ‘girl time’.


Ise, Mie, Japan (iPhone 7)

The day after I finished my last paper, I went to Kansai with Michael. We planned to go to Tahara City, but it was a bit inconvenience for us. We booked our hostel few days before our trip. We didn’t really have a plan, it was kind of impromptu. We decided where to go the night before we left. But it was great. We ended up visiting Osaka (first day), Himeji and Kobe (second day), Nara (fourth day) and Osaka (last day).


Dotonbori, Osaka, JP (iPhone 7)


Nara, Japan (iPhone 7)


Himeji Castle, Himeji, JP (iPhone 7)


Kobe Harbor Land, Kobe, Japan (iPhone 7)

After Michael went back to Nagoya, I had 1.5 days for myself. I walked around Osaka Namba and Harakata after he left.


Harakata T-Site, Harakata, JP (iPhone 7)

Dawn, my sister and her friend came to Osaka on August 6th. Four of us traveled around Kansai (Osaka and Kyoto) for a week. The highlight of our Kansai trip was definitely Universal Studio Japan (USJ).


Typhoon Day @ Shinsekai, Osaka, JP (iPhone 7)


Universal Studio Japan, Osaka, JP (iPhone 7)


Arabica Coffee, Arashiyama, Kyoto, JP (iPhone 7)


Fushimi Inarai Taisha, Kyoto, JP (iPhone 7)

After Dawn went back to Tokyo, I went back to Nagoya with my sister and her friend. Three of us walked around Nagoya for a week before going back to Malaysia.


Oasis 21, Sakae, Nagoya, JP (iPhone 7)


I spent most of my time procrastinating at home after I got back to Malaysia. I went Ipoh on the Independence Day (31st August) with my family but it was kind of rush.

That’s all for my July and August. I will blog about my vacation soon (hopefully). Sorry for the lack of post. Once again, thanks for viewing!

Jiaxin x

June 2017

Couldn’t believe half of 2017 just ended. June was kind of busy (and boring) with all the midterms and presentations and papers (#unilife)

June 8th to 11st was Nagoya University Festival (MeiDaiSai). I went to the festival on 10th June. It wasn’t as grand as I expected, a little bit disappointing.


名大祭 Nagoya University Festival 2017


Nagoya University Festival 2017

Tamasen was surprisingly good, but the other food was just okay.


Nagoya University Festival 2017


this tasted awful. 

I went to Sakae with Michael after that. We accidentally discovered this “Tebasaki Summit 2017 手羽先サミット2017” at Hisayaodori 久屋大通, which literally meant chicken wings festival. I kind of like the ambiance there – people eating chicken wings, drinking beers and dancing. Japanese seriously celebrates all sort of things.


Tebasaki Summit 2017

Some random photos:
(1) Went to this cafe called Cafe, Drawing and Bar near where I stayed with Michael. The food was so cheap but good! Will definitely come back again.


cafe, drawing and bar 


cafe, drawing and bar


our dinner set for only 980yen (taste heavenly good!) 

(2) Went to Coco Curry House at Irinaka with Michael after we went to visit the housing agent. Coco Curry House is the only curry place I like in Japan lol


Coco Curry House @ Irinaka, Nagoya

(3) lovin’ my university​ campus.


School of Economics, Nagoya University. 


Outside North Co-op, sunset. (Nagoya University) 

(3) my new apartment view:




obsessed with the sky

Thanks for viewing!

Jiaxin x

Dorm Room Tour (Sept 2016 – April 2017)

I moved to Nagoya last September to continue my study here. Freshmen are allowed to stay in the dorm for a year. The dorm room was smaller than I expected, but we have everything we need inside: attached bathroom and kitchen, microwave, fridge…

I moved out from the dorm in April but I really hoped we are allowed to stay there forever. The dorm is so nice and comfy, and the rental is so cheap! (my apartment rental now is almost double of the dorm’s)


entrance: toilet on the left, kitchen on the right


the kitchen, fridge, and microwave


the kitchen


toilet (forgot to take a photo when I was still staying there)


overview from inside: left: study area and closet, right: bed


study desk + closet


what’s on my study table #1


what’s on my study table #2


this was when I first came here (from October to December)


bought the plant in October but it died after I went back to Malaysia for spring break


the cute drawing was by my friend Dawn 🙂


where I sleep


Duffy from Disneysea, Harry Potter plushie from Tokyo, bought the bear from Malaysia


view from my room

Will do an apartment tour soon. Stay tuned! xx

Thanks for viewing!

Spring 2017: Nagoya Castle, Aichi, Japan

(more photos from the spring)

April 9th, 2017 (Sunday)

This was my first time to Nagoya Castle (after moving to Nagoya for half a year, lol) I wanted to come here in winter last year but luckily I didn’t. Nagoya Castle was so gorgeous in spring (with all the cherry blossom).


Nagoya Caslte, Spring 2017


Nagoya Castle, Spring 2017


Nagoya Castle, Spring 2017



Nagoya Castle, Spring 2017



view from Nagoya Castle 


view from Nagoya Castle 


Nagoya Caslte, Spring 2017


Nagoya Castle, Spring 2017 



All photos are mine. Taken by Nikon D5200.

Thanks for viewing! x


Spring 2017: Yamazaki River, Nagoya

April 4th, 2017 (Tuesday)

I went to Tsuruma Park in March for the cherry blossom but I only managed to find one or two trees blooming. Quan invited me to join his friends for hanami at Yamazaki River. It was a great afternoon (well, at least it was not as awkward as I thought it would be).


Lovin’ the weather in April.

All photos were taken by Nikon D5200, 18-55mm lens.

More from Spring 2017: Tsuruma Park, Nagoya 

April & May 2017


Yamazaki River, Nagoya (iPhone 7)

April was great. I went to few places to see the sakura (cherry blossom) with some friends and did hanami. I love the weather in April, it’s so hot in Japan now (well, at least it’s not humid).


Nagoya Caslte (iPhone 7)


Nagoya Castle (iPhone 7)

I moved out from the dorm in April too. I really hoped that I could stay in the dorm forever. The dorm was great, but we were only allowed to stay there for a year. I found an apartment near the university (around 10-15 minutes’ walk). Looking for a new apartment in Japan was so troublesome and tiring because I couldn’t speak Japanese. I was rejected for a few times just because I’m a foreigner. Also, I needed to stay at my new place without furniture, electric appliances (fridge & washing machine) and internet access for a while. So grateful that I have already settled down now.

Spring semester began in mid of April. I took more subjects compared to the previous semester. I’m busier, but I like this semester more.


cute school bus (iPhone 7)

The first week of May was the Golden Week holiday (3rd May – 7th May). I planned to travel to other provinces with Michael but all the hotels were booked and we didn’t have a good plan. We ended up staying in Nagoya. We went to Meijo Koen, Oasis 21, Nagoya Port, Osu and Yagoto. Golden Week holiday with him was great; we know each other better after the holiday ❤


Nagoya Port, Nagoya (iPhone 7)

The past two months were really hectic: moving out from dorm + catching up with school works. I felt so stressed out and tired every day.  I struggled a bit in some of the classes, glad that I have Michael to help me with (also, be there with me most of the time). Not sure if I could manage all these without his companion.


cute Starbucks barista ❤

Guess that’s all for this time. I will try to update more consistently (since I finally have Wifi now). It’s so hot in Japan now! Not as hot as Malaysia, but still. Stay hydrated! 🙂

Some random photos:


lovin’ the sunset (on my way home) (iPhone 7)


view from my new apartment (iPhone 7)


Asia Legal Plaza @ Nagoya University (iPhone 7)


played frissbee with Lenny for the first time


summer @ Nagoya University (iPhone 7)


May 26th, 2017: Global Political and Economic Scene @ Nagoya University



soccer class (every Friday after lunch) *sigh*



Thanks for reading!

Jiaxin x